(A Leading Co-educational Senior Secondary School)

Member of U.S.O, School UNESCO Clubs, CUCAI, P.S.S. , S.S.C

Affiliated To C.B.S.E , New Delhi
Affiliation No. - 2131580
School Code - 55069

Fee Structure (Session 2018-19)


Class Monthly Charges(per month)
I 710
II 730
III 760
IV 780
V 880
VI 920
VII 950
VIII 1000
IX 1450
X 1450
XI (Science) 1850 (Non Medical) / 1950 (Medical)
XI (Commerce) 1750
XII (Science) 1950 (Non Medical) / 2050 (Medical)
XII (Commerce) 1800

Rules Regarding Fees

All the dues are to be submitted in cash or through account payee cheque/Online Transfer only. The details of the account number of the school and other      information must be obtained from the School Account Section.
Fees will not be deposited without a fees card, it must be brought at the time of depositing the fees. Fees or money once deposited in the school will not be      refunded or adjusted under any circumstances
No School payment should be sent through Rickshaw pullers/Van drivers appointed by the parents. School holds no responsibility of the cash sent through them.
Parents must pay their wards fees (of all kinds) on time according to the schedule provided so that timely admit card could be issued to the students.
There is no compulsion from the school to the parents to pay the fees annually or quarterly.They can pay the fees monthly also or quarterly or in any form as      feasible by the parents.