(A Leading Co-educational Senior Secondary School)

Member of U.S.O, School UNESCO Clubs, CUCAI, P.S.S. , S.S.C

Affiliated To C.B.S.E , New Delhi
Affiliation No. - 2131580
School Code - 55069

About M.T.S Public School

M.T.S Public School is primarily an organization with global perspective.It is a leading Coeducational, English medium Progressive, Comprehensive, Integrated institution.It provides basic amenities for the all round development of all of its students. The institution acknowledges that every child is a dynamic individual and great emphasis is put to draw out the best in child’s body, mind and spirit. Education provided in the school expands the vision and outlook of its students which provokes the spirit of healthy competition and the desire to advance for the achievements of their consciousness regenerating truth, fighting ignorance and injustice. Hence enabling them to know about their rights and duties towards their family, society and motherland at large.


The history of this school dates back to the time when despite of being in 21st century, people of this area were not interested in sending even their sons to the school and were making them involved in farming activities. Only 20 % section of this area were sending their children to school. This arose a serious concern to the well renowned founder of this school Late.Vaidhyaraj Pandit Gautam Rishi Sharma who decided to build a good school with a view to safeguard the future of the children of this area ,who unknowingly and due to their parent’s ignorance were deprived of the basic necessity of life i.e. Education. This brought a much needed M.T.S Public School into existence. The Society and School Management committee were formed and principles, rules and regulations of the school were laid down. Our founder personally started visiting villages and conducted Several counseling sessions. Inspite of facing many challenges , difficulties and resistance from the people , this school started in the year 2003. Well educated staff from Delhi was appointed and since then the school is committed to impart best quality education to its students and is continuing raising its standards of education and discipline even today. In today’s generation where students have evolved into disrespectful behavior covering it up in the name of culture we are proud to say that we still have the morals and culture of India intact where students respect their elders and obey them fully. We have inculcated the sense of responsibility to each student of this school not only for his/her family but for society and country at large. We are determined to create difference in this world by doing our bit and fulfilling our responsibility. We promise that we will continue to do so in future also.


To create a centre for excellence in education
To create ambience between body, mind and ethical values
To create compassionate and responsible citizens having a feeling of national integration, brotherhood and to make them better adjustable person in society.
To make children physically fit, mentally developed, emotionally matured, socially active, culturally fascinated, morally sound and spiritually inclined.
To provide best education to young generation with special emphasis on Indian culture and values

Beliefs And Guidelines

We firmly believe that a good education system is always based upon truth, goodness and discipline. The five domains of human personality-physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual are correlated with five major objectives of education i.e. knowledge, skill, balance, vision and identity. Hence it is with such an education system that we can create a balance between all the five domains of human personality and can give them a better place to survive and flourish.

We also believe that the education program should be child centered and all students should be encouraged to develop their innate potential to the fullest in diverse area of life.
The school follows the same syllabus as prescribed by the Board but curriculum of the school, methodology of teaching, personality and approach of staff are differentiating factors.
The guiding force of this institution is that with Mercy in heart, Truth in mind as well as in speech, Success in making each and every child of this area a morally inclined student, a better human being, and a responsible citizen, can be achieved.

Rules for the student

Discipline is the soul of society and nation it is very essential for mental and moral training
Hence student are expected to keep in minds the following points

They are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school.
Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience objectionable moral behavior and above all discourtesy and disrespect to teachers are a sufficient cause for    dismissal from school.
On their way to and from the school, students must remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should great all the teachers when they meet    them. School pays a lot of stress on punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper school uniform, an earnest effort in home work assignment, courteous    behavior in and out of the school are always insisted on .
All students are expected to talk in English while in school campus
The school is not responsible for the loss of money, watches or any other valuable articles. Every students is responsible for his /her belongings and is advised     not to bring money or valuable articles to school.
Student should arrive at school at least five minutes before the first bell.
No pupil Who is late will be allowed to enter the classroom unless he /she brings to teacher a note from the Principal.
To keep the classroom, school, field, neat and clean is the duty of the students. Waste papers or skin of fruits should be thrown into the dustbin provided for the     purpose.
All the students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn only in school and for all the school function for public .
A student can be expelled from the school if he/she is considered a bad influence on other student or is found indulged in unsocial/immoral activities .

Rules Regarding Examinations

Children will not be allowed any leave during examinations.There will be no re-examinations under any circumstances.
No approach will be entertained regarding promotion to the next class or re-examination of any kind.
Sick leave during the exam will be sanctioned only by the Principal after a Medical Certificate only in half yearly exam. Attendance is compulsory in final     examination.
If a child is found using unfair means during the examination than there would be liability for strict actions to be taken against him/her.
No student will be allowed to appear in exams or test without admit card.
The examination from Academic Year 2017-18 and onwards will be conducted as per the remodelled assessment provided by the C.B.S.E Board as already     explained via print medium to the parent and student almanacs. Kindly refer Scheme of studies section for further information.

Instructions For The Parents

Parents should keep abreast with the child's progress. Parents are requested to sign in the almanac as a proof that they have read the teacher's remarks.
Parents and guardians are requested not to see their children or meet the teachers during school hours without the permission of the Principal, as the member of     staff will not leave the class room during teaching period.
Change in the address or telephone no. of parents/guardians must be intimated to the school in writing or without delay, failing which the school will not be     responsible for any delay in communication via SMS or call.
Any damage to school property by the student either big or small, the parents will have to bear the expenses of the damaged property.
No student will be sent home, neither in the interval nor in the half day. If, in some urgent need only the persons who are mentioned in the gate pass/ parents will    be allowed to take his/her ward only on the decision of the Principal. In such a case an application must be written to the Principal with signature of the class     teacher.
Parents are requested to attend the parents/teachers meeting & come to school whenever they will be called/informed by the school administration. Parents are     requested to read the Almanac /Notices carefully and are expected to give full co-operation to the school authorities.