(A Leading Co-educational Senior Secondary School)

Member of U.S.O, School UNESCO Clubs, CUCAI, P.S.S. , S.S.C

Affiliated To C.B.S.E , New Delhi
Affiliation No. - 2131580
School Code - 55069


We believe in appointing highly experienced, professional and qualified teachers. They are masters in their respective fields and domains. They bring with them knowledge and expertise which make them interact with the students in a congenial atmosphere. Knowledge is deep and ever evolving, Therefore we at MTS have made sure that training is provided to its teachers by organising various workshops. Teachers show keen interest in learning new techniques and then implementing them. We have taken care of applying the Standard teacher student ratio as per the Directions of the board.

S.No. Name of the Members Designation Trained Status
1 Mr.M.K.Sharma Principal Trained
2 Dr.Varu Vice Principal Trained
3 Mr.Abhishek Goel PGT (Maths) Trained
4 Mr.Gaurave PGT (Accounts) Trained
5 Ms.Nidhi Chawla PGT (Business Studies) Trained
6 Ms.Ritu Tomar PGT (Chemistry) Trained
7 Dr.Varu PGT (Biology) Trained
8 Mr.Amit Kumar PGT (Physical Education) Trained
9 Mr.Ajay Upadhyay PGT (Physics) Trained
10 Mr.Vishav Pratap PGT (Economics and English) Trained
11 Ms. Avanti Arora PGT (Maths) Trained
12 Ms.Sunita Tyagi TGT (Hindi) Trained
13 Ms. Vibha Rani TGT (S.St.) Trained
14 Ms.Megha Singh TGT (English) Trained
15 Ms.Leena Gupta TGT (Science) Trained
16 Ms. Megha Garg TGT (S.St) Trained
17 Ms.Prativa TGT (Maths) Trained
18 Ms.Manorma Rai TGT (S.St) Trained
19 Ms.Pooja Bharadwaj TGT (Science) Trained
20 Ms.Sangeeta Chauhan TGT (Hindi) Trained
21 Ms.Anjali Saini PRT Trained
22 Ms.Rishu Sharma PRT Trained
23 Ms.Vishakha PRT Trained
24 Ms.Madhu Rana PRT Trained
25 Ms. Anjali PRT Trained
26 Ms.Asha Rani PRT Trained
27 Ms.Sunita Sharma PRT Trained
28 Ms.Babita Bhatnagar PRT Trained
29 Mr.Sonu Kumar Librarian Trained
30 Mr.Shrikant Dixit Clerk Trained

Qualifications of Faculty members

Principal – Post Graduate, B.Ed , min.15 years of Experience of being Principal
Vice Principal- Post Graduate ,B.Ed, Min 6 Years of Teaching and Administrative experience
PGT - Post Graduate in their specialized subjects ,B.Ed ,minimum 2 years of Teaching Experience
TGT - Graduate/Post Graduate,B.Ed, Teaching Experience.
PRT - Graduate,B.Ed ,Teaching Experience
Librarian - M.LIB, Min. 3 Years of Experience
Clerk - B.Com/M.Com, Min. 3 years of Clerical Experience